Pit Telemery (Oregon RFID)

Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) technology is used to study the fish migration within a basin, to evaluate a fish pass or in catch and re-catch research. 

This technology contains a central station with the capacity to connect four antennas. These antennas will be installed in a stream, channel or fish pass. On the other hand, fish will collected and marked with a small transponder. When this marked fish swims through a antenna, an unique id number, date, time and the antenna number will be send to the central station.  

Wireless Internet Module (WIM)
The Wireless Internet Module (WIM) for the Oregon PIT Readers facilitates data transfer from the study site to your office over the Internet in a fully automated way. The data is transferred on daily basis through a 3/4G Internet connection or a LAN network if available at the study site. The data will be made available instantly after the data is transferred from the study site. ​In case of a battery powered system (solar), course of the battery voltage can be consulted at any moment. The progress of the PIT Reader system can be monitored accurately to avoid unnecessary “down-time”.

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